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Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Claim?

Let Us Help You Find Out. The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said that he couldn’t define pornography but “knew it when he saw it”. Lots of folks believe the same principle applies to medical malpractice. They

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Will Your Hospital Admit a Medical Mistake?

We trust in our healthcare because we must. If medical malpractice happens and a loved one is seriously injured or killed, we expect hospitals and our healthcare providers to admit fault and take accountability for what happened. Sadly, patients cannot always count on hospitals and healthcare providers to do the right thing.

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National Survey Shows Some Pittsburgh Area Hospitals are Safer than Others

Residents of Western Pennsylvania are fortunate to have access to some of the best doctors and nurses in the nation. However, a recent national survey which measures preventable injuries and illnesses suggests several area hospitals, including two of the region’s largest, fall short of expectations when it comes to patient safety. The Spring 2020 survey results were released on April 30, 2020.  Nearly every hospital in the Western Pennsylvania region received an “A” or “B” grade.  Two hospitals in the region received a “C”.

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Radiology Mistakes & Medical Malpractice

Radiology malpractice is more common than many people realize.  Over 80 million radiology examinations are performed in the United States every year, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT or CAT scan), Positron Emission Tomography (PET scan), and x-ray studies also known as plain radiographs.  Given the immense volume of imaging studies and high expectations on radiologists to interpret those studies with speed and accuracy, it’s no surprise radiology is the eighth most common medical specialty to be implicated in a medical malpractice claim.  

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