Cervical Cancer Kills

According to Journal Watch.org over 10% of U.S. women have not been screened for cervical cancer in the past five years. One quarter of women without health insurance are unscreened. It is tragic that one of the few cancers that is readily diagnosable and curable continues to kill thousands of women … [Read more...]

Cervical Cancer Rates Have Increased

This is an article that was written by Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer MedPage Today.   The title of the article is Have Cervical CA Rates Been Underestimated, Published May 12, 2014. Mr. Bankhead’s piece is based on the work of Ann F. Rositch, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Public … [Read more...]

NEJM Makes No Sense Of New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

In the December 8th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine in the Perspective section, there appears an article, “Making Sense of the New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines,” by Dr. S. Feldman.  Dr. Feldman concedes that Pap smear sensitivity is poor, “roughly 50 to 60% [false negative].  … [Read more...]

Incidentaloma can make healthy people ill-especially if ignored!

Kevin Pho M.D. has written that a screening test incidentaloma can make healthy people ill.  This is a theme that appears too frequently in the medical literature. When I previously addressed this issue in a prior article it did not then occur to me that the argument might be used to impair patients … [Read more...]

Eight Steps To Avoid Cervical Cancer

Checklist: Protecting Yourself From Cervical Cancer The best protection a woman has against cervical cancer is to develop a trusting relationship with a gynecologist and follow the guidelines listed below: Regular Exams. Visit a gynecologist at least once a year for a pelvic examination and Pap … [Read more...]