Federal & Pennsylvania State Laws

The Importance Of Our Rights To A Jury Trial

The Constitution is the bedrock of our American society.  Not a day goes by without many of us benefiting from one or more of the sacred amendments to our constitution, such as the freedoms of speech or religion, or the right to bear arms.  At Meyers Evans Lupetin & Unatin, we are privileged to work every day to advance an important right granted to each of us under the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Section 6 of the Constitution of Pennsyvlania – the right to a jury trial. 

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Pennsylvania’s Act 47 Law

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has unanimously refused to void Pennsylvania’s Act 47. Act 47 prohibits medical malpractice lawsuits which claim damages in the form of wrongful birth and wrongful life.

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PA Act 17 May Hurt Businesses

When Gov. Tom Corbett, Republican, signed Act 17 last year, he thought it would help businesses by making it harder for plaintiffs to sue multiple entities for a single injury. It turns out that the real consequence of the law

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Kyle Hoff’s Campaign for Justice

The proponents of the bill which Kyle opposes in the video below call it the “Fair Share Bill” – but Kyle was completely innocent in the construction accident that left him paralyzed. Limiting the amount paid by the people who

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Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law

The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (PaMVFRL) defines an individual’s rights when injured in a car accident. Because no one plans on being injured in an auto accident, before purchasing automobile insurance, you should know how the law affects

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