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We Know It Can Be Difficult To Contact An Attorney

Choosing a medical malpractice attorney is an important and difficult decision, partly because the decision to call an attorney itself can be so difficult for many people. Be assured, the attorneys of Meyers Evans and Lupetin and Unatin will listen to your story and treat you with respect. You called for help and you deserve to fully understand why we can or cannot help you. Our purpose is to provide answers.

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Prevention of Pulmonary Embolism

Pulmonary embolism can be prevented by assessing a patient’s risk for developing DVT. Since major surgery is a risk factor, patients already at high risk for DVT undergo preventative measures before the surgery. Our attorneys have experience in cases in which pulmonary embolism was either poorly managed or even preventable.

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Failure to Prevent, Diagnose, or Treat Pulmonary Embolism

Pulmonary Embolism is an emergency that kills 100,000 Americans and endangers 900,000 more annually. It is critically important that doctors assess all hospitalized patients for their risk of developing pulmonary embolism and take preventative measures. Prevention, prompt diagnosis and proper treatment of this potentially deadly condition are the keys to saving lives. Failure to diagnose, prevent and/or treat pulmonary embolism may constitute medical malpractice.

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Nursing Home Litigation

The importance of quality nursing home care has grown exponentially in the United States with the nation’s rapidly growing elderly population.   Unfortunately, negligent nursing home care has increased along with growth in the nursing home industry.  If you or a

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Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law

The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (PaMVFRL) defines an individual’s rights when injured in a car accident. Because no one plans on being injured in an auto accident, before purchasing automobile insurance, you should know how the law affects

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