Disclosing Medical Error – The Right Thing To Do

To The Editor Regarding: The Value of Disclosing Medical Error I write this in response to an article posted by ALICIA GALLEGOS, of American Medical News, posted June 1, 2011. I heartily support the Lockton Report analyzing the findings of Aug. 17, 2010, issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. … [Read more...]

Electronic Health Record Leads To Disaster

As was pointed out earlier, making a health record electronic is not useful if the original health record and its use was dysfunctional. An established tradition of non-communication between members of the health care team is in no way improved by making the entries legible. Further, the existence … [Read more...]

Doctors Confess Their Fatal Mistakes

Joe Kika writes at readersdigest.com a remarkable set of interviews of physicians and nurses confessing medical mistakes for the record which either could have or did lead to wrongful death.  Among those interviewed was Peter Pronovost, a professor at John's Hopkins University School of Medicine, … [Read more...]

A Patient Should Have a Right to Legal Advocacy

In 1998 the United States Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the healthcare industry adopted a Patient Bill of Rights. The same year Pennsylvania enacted a Patient Bill of Rights allegedly for the purpose of providing quality healthcare accountability and protection under Act … [Read more...]

Heads You Win, Tails I Lose

Kevin Pho, M.D in his medical blog, Kevinmd.com, invites a discussion concerning whether elderly patients should choose premature death at home rather than being subjected to the complications that are associated with geriatric admissions.  He concludes that elderly patients admitted to emergency … [Read more...]

Failure to Understand Allergy Leads to Woman’s Death

Communication is essential between health care providers - but sometimes communication fails because of the arrogance or carelessness of the persons involved in the needed medical communication. The following video interview and true story illustrate an extreme case of what may happen when … [Read more...]