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Failure to Diagnose

Our attorneys are dedicated to finding answers in situations where failure to diagnose an illness or injury resulted in catastrophic injury. If you have questions about a matter of this nature we encourage you to contact our office for an evaluation.

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Failure to Monitor

People expect that if something unexpected occurs, the best place to be is in the hospital. Regrettably, hospitals fail to implement policies and procedures to assure patients at risk are carefully monitored and alerts heeded in a timely manner. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling cases in which failure to properly monitor a patient has resulted in catastrophic injury or death.

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Delayed Diagnosis of Compartment Syndrome

Thousands of people every day suffer injury to part of their leg or forearm.  Broken bones, burns, and penetrating trauma are daily occurrences and common complaints in America’s emergency departments. Few patients or their families consider a fractured bone or

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Retained Surgical Items Often the Result of Medical Malpractice

Shockingly, the incidence of surgical items mistakenly left inside patients has remained steady over the years. UpToDate estimates that retained surgical items occur in 1 in every 5500 to 18,760 inpatient operations, but may be as high as 1 of every 1000 to 1500 abdominal cavity operations, and even more common during emergency surgery. When a surgical instrument or sponge is mistakenly left inside a patient after surgery, medical malpractice is inevitably the cause.

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Patient Suffered Permanent Nerve Damage Due To Botched Saphenous Vein Harvest

This case involves a gentleman in his 60s who suffered needless injury due to medical negligence during his preparation for a coronary bypass surgery (CABG). In preparation, the doctors planned to perform an endoscopic vein harvest of the patient’s saphenous vein. The patient was placed under general anesthesia, and a physician’s assistant endoscopically attempted to remove the necessary saphenous vein from the patient’s leg. Due to lack of proper supervision and experience, the PA mistakenly removed a large portion of the patient’s saphenous nerve instead of the vein, causing permanent and avoidable nerve injury in his leg as a result of the physician’s assistant failing to follow the standard procedure for vein harvesting.

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Central Line Infections – Still Rampant, but Preventable

Hospitals can easily prevent patients from contracting an infection that still affects 45,000 to 90,000 people per year. This infection is from a common device used to administer medicine and fluids called a central venous catheter (CVC), also known as a central line.This device is a tube that leads straight to the patient’s heart, which allows doctors to administer medicine to their patients quickly.

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