Disclosing Medical Error – The Right Thing To Do

To The Editor Regarding: The Value of Disclosing Medical Error I write this in response to an article posted by ALICIA GALLEGOS, of American Medical News, posted June 1, 2011. I heartily support the Lockton Report analyzing the findings of Aug. 17, 2010, issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. … [Read more...]

Electronic Health Record Leads To Disaster

As was pointed out earlier, making a health record electronic is not useful if the original health record and its use was dysfunctional. An established tradition of non-communication between members of the health care team is in no way improved by making the entries legible. Further, the existence … [Read more...]

Doctors Confess Their Fatal Mistakes

Joe Kika writes at readersdigest.com a remarkable set of interviews of physicians and nurses confessing medical mistakes for the record which either could have or did lead to wrongful death.  Among those interviewed was Peter Pronovost, a professor at John's Hopkins University School of Medicine, … [Read more...]

Incidentaloma can make healthy people ill-especially if ignored!

Kevin Pho M.D. has written that a screening test incidentaloma can make healthy people ill.  This is a theme that appears too frequently in the medical literature. When I previously addressed this issue in a prior article it did not then occur to me that the argument might be used to impair patients … [Read more...]