Cervical Cancer Kills

According to Journal Watch.org over 10% of U.S. women have not been screened for cervical cancer in the past five years. One quarter of women without health insurance are unscreened. It is tragic that one of the few cancers that is readily diagnosable and curable continues to kill thousands of women every year because of the absence of screening or screening that is done improperly.

Treatment for Cervical Dysplasia Does Not Impair Fertility: a study reported by Kyrgiou, M., et al. demonstrates that women need not forego needed treatment for cervical dysplasia to preserve subsequent fertility. The study is important since while this reassurance has been given in the past it has not been backed up by statistical analysis that was completed in this systematic review and meta-analysis recently published in the British Medical Journal 2014, Oct. 28.

All articles in this blog are the collaborative effort of attorneys Jerry Meyers, Brendan Lupetin, and Gregory Unatin.

One thought on “Cervical Cancer Kills

  1. Cervical cancer really kills and to leave screening aside predisposes us women to a late diagnosis where it comes to a point that its too late to do anything already. It is a nice thing to know that lawyers like you cover this area of medical law.

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