Death From Cervical Cancer: Is The End Is In Sight?

An updated systematic review of 65 studies measuring the success of HPV immunization in reducing HPV infection, Genital Warts, and Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia, 10 years after vaccine implementation, shows a dramatic reduction in the instances precursors to cervical cancer in a wide range group of women from 13-29 years of age. Similarly a reduction in genital warts among boys and young men has also been observed.

In addition to the benefit provided vaccinated individuals, unvaccinated people also benefit. Relatively high rates of vaccination break the chain of an infection’s transmission. Stated simply, the greater the percentage of the population at risk that has been immunized, the less likely that the virus will be transmitted to the unvaccinated portion of the population. When a majority of population has been immunized, the virus is not able to propagate and be transmitted to the unvaccinated portion of the population.

All articles in this blog are the collaborative effort of attorneys Jerry Meyers, Brendan Lupetin, and Gregory Unatin.

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